Circuit Zolder




Circuit Zolder’s Celebrities

In this new series “Circuit Zolder’s Celebritieswe bring well-known and less familiar heroes of the Limburg circuit to the screen. Those who made it the greatness that it has become today, or those who thanks to this circuit have become renowned, all relate their stories in front of the camera. One by one these videos are strong testimonies and gripping stories about the rich history and the future of Circuit Zolder. Enjoy!

We kick off with none other than international race director Roland Bruynseraede. Together with him we stroll in front and behind the scenes at Circuit Zolder. And all the while he recalls the highs and lows out of his career: ranging from Gilles Villeneuve’s tragic accident in 1982 through to the 12 years as Formula 1 race director under Bernie Ecclestone. But as he himself commented in front of the camera: “The new generation are doing well. Extremely well!”


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